Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ron Paul Again

RNC Corrects Oklahoma Delegate Vote
The Republican National Committee official delegate Presidential nominee vote count numbers show Oklahoma's 41 votes have been changed to show 39 votes for John McCain and 2 votes for Ron Paul, according to State Chairman Gary Jones.

Boy, that really makes a difference! Will that finally make the Paulies happy? I think not!
The two votes actually are Huckabee votes not Ron Paul's. In the February Presidential primary Huckabee won two districts. After he got out of the race he released his votes. Huckabee did suggest that the delegates vote for McCain. One of those delegates said he was voting for Paul even though he took an oath to vote for McCain. The other delegate said he would support McCain then changed his mind and voted for Paul. In Oklahoma Ron Paul received less than 2% of the votes.

It is amazing how these Paulies continue to support there candidate after they lose and lose big. What part of the word 'lose' do they not understand?

The most appalling part, the Paulies are not supporting McCain/Palin! They will either not vote or vote for some dog rather than support the Republican ticket. It looks like the same is true with other Republican candidates in local and statewide races. You must believe 100% in Ron Paul and drink the Ron Paul Kool Aid for their support.

The Paulies real agenda is to infiltrate the Republican Party and turn it into to the Libertarian Party. All conservative Republicans should be aware of their motives and help preserve the Christian values of the Republican Party.

The question is, have any of you seen a Ron Paul person out supporting our Republican candidates either financially or as volunteers for candidates?


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'Sandie' said...


I've enjoyed serving with you on committees in the past at the state level and seeing you at conventions through the years.

It is sad really that you have chosen to be so angry about Ron Paul people and friends too. I hope you wake up before it is too late. The Republican party is our house. I've been a AuH20, a Reaganite, a Buchananite and now a happy Paulie for over 30 years. We are the Republican party and the hope of the future. You really should embrace us and make friends and treat us nicely and learn to appreciate the energy we bring to the table.

This kind of treatment by McCain at the RNC and you here on this blog is indicative of people scrambling to retain power as their world collapses around them.

We are involved in Republican campaigns all over the state. Maybe you are the one missing in action or you would know what all we are doing.

Having said all that, I made one mistake in the Bush years. I was quiet because he was a Republican. I can promise you that if McCain wins, I will not be quiet about our party and what we stand for and will challenge him at every turn to be a Real Republican like Ron Paul.

Sandie Crosnoe
Bartlesville, OK