Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bob's Opinion

Bob’s Opinion

This past weekend Barbara and I went to Seattle to watch the Sooners in action against the Huskies. We found the Seattle area beautiful, but the Seattle newspaper SUCKED!

Sunday morning, I opened the Seattle paper to read about the Sooners. Before, I went to the sports page, I noticed an article about McCain. The article was about how McCain’s ads attacking Obama were just awful. The article went on to say that McCain has done nothing but lie about Obama. Every ad that McCain has on T.V. is nothing but lies, according to the Seattle paper. Now on the other hand, Obama is nothing but a patriotic individual that has told the truth in all his ads, again, according to the paper.

Give me a break! Do the good folks of Seattle, living in Bill Gates land, not have access to the internet? All the information you ever wanted to know, about the candidates, is available to everyone. You do not have to depend on some nut, at a newspaper, telling you what you should believe.

How can any reasonable person write that one candidate is telling the truth in all his ads and one candidate is lying in all his ads? It’s no wonder that the west coast politics are so backwards. These folks just don’t get it.

The one good thing, besides the Sooners winning, is that I wore my McCain cap, that I received at the convention, around Seattle and on the plane. I can’t begin to tell you how many times, I was stopped and some said “great hat” , “I love your cap” or “Go McCain”. So you see there is still light at the end of the tunnel. We need to let the world know that the United States of America supports John McCain and Sarah Palin.

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