Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Congresswoman Mary Fallin

Mary's Minutes - Notes from the GOP Convention

Dear Friend:

On the first day of the Republican National Convention Convention politics took a
backseat to the very immediate danger of Hurricane Gustav. Convention delegates joined members of both parties and people from all across the nation in praying for the safety of those affected by the storm, particularly those Americans living along the Gulf Coast. I was truly inspired to see so many men and women putting partisan politics aside and doing the right thing for the country.

In many ways, Senator McCain embodies this spirit of cooperation and civic duty. His slogan is "country first," and it was heartwarming to see that his actions match his words. On the opening day of one of the most important events in his campaign for the presidency, John McCain ignored the politics, put aside the partisan rhetoric and flew to New Orleans.

Meanwhile, delegates were thrilled to hear from both Laura Bush and Cindy McCain, two strong women and mothers who talked about "service," and what that means to the United States. As rescue workers and first responders risked their lives to help their fellow Americans, we were all reminded of the kind of service that makes this country great.

I'll be providing daily reports from the GOP Convention, so I hope you'll return to my website to hear the latest news from Minneapolis!

God bless,


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