Thursday, September 4, 2008


Facts You need To Know About John Mccain

John McCain has never sought a secret appropriations earmark during his more than 20 years of elective office.
He voted against the Fiscal Year 2004 consolidated appropriations bill, stuffed with over $11 billion in pork barrel spending.
He has fought for the line-item veto, voted for budget balance amendments and introduced legislation to reduce government waste.
He voted against the Medicare prescription drug bill, which constituted the largest expansion in entitlement spending since the inception of Medicare in 1965.
He helped save taxpayers billions of dollars by exposing the corrupt Boeing tanker deal, which was replete with waste and layers of contracting irregularity.

When the challenges in Iraq were mounting, he had the vision and experience to call for changes in strategy that now have America winning.
Throughout his career, John McCain has consistently reached across the aisle, bringing both parties together to put "Country First."
John McCain selected Alaska Governor Sarah Palin because she is a strong leader and a proven reformer.
Governor Palin used her line-item veto powers to cut $268 million from Alaska’s Fiscal Year 2009 spending bills.
Her years as an elected and appointed official are marked by breaking up the "old boy network" and standing up to special interests in her state.

Washington is broken. John McCain will fix it with the help of Sarah Palin.
John McCain will initiate far-reaching reforms in almost every area of government.
He will seal the pork barrel and restore integrity to public office. He will set new standards for transparency and accountability.
He will require that federal agencies set performance goals, conduct an internal review of their progress each year, and then make the results publicly available.

John McCain and Sarah Palin will deliver the right kind of change and reform to meet the great challenges of our time.

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