Thursday, September 11, 2008

Highway Trust Fund

Directer Ridley this week sent a letter to the State Legislature concerning the Federal Highway Trust Fund short fall. U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters attributes the short fall to exponential rising expenses and decreasing revenue from taxes collected on gasoline. The expenses are do to increases in construction cost and the dirty word EARMARKS.

The bottom line is the rising cost of energy. The liberals believe that we live in separate vacuums. That one thing does not affect another. And whats worse is that their actions and policies do not cause adverse reactions to the economy. This is another example of how not having a National Energy Policy to protect the U.S. from escalating cost of energy is trickling down to other serious problems.

I don't know how to make it any more simple: Demand for energy is increasing - the supply is restricted by the world producers and the liberal congress on false environmental concerns. This raises the cost of energy so that it cost more to get products and supplies. People are driving less to save money and therefore not buying as much fuel, so the revenue from the fuel tax which is a fixed amount is lower.

What is the solution, cheap energy. It will take a combination of ways to do this, but the bottom line we need policies to take the squelch off the energy market so to drive down the cost. Drill baby drill and the first place should be Alaska - ANWR. Governor Sarah Palin has it right.

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