Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New McCain Video Obama Calls Palin A Pig


BossHawg said...

I have to agree with Laura Ingraham, Britt Hume and other conservatives that McCain is wrong to make this an issue. As much as I don't like Obama, I've seen and heard the entire quote and Obama was not taking a shot at my girl Palin - his partisan crowd probably wished he was - but he was NOT. McCain and all Republicans need to be careful not to play the sexism card too much. Let's get back to attacking Obama/Biden for being the liberal elitists that they are!

Jethro Bodine said...

Come on Bosshawg are you now a switch hitter. Obama's comment was directed at sarah Palin make no mistake about it. Sounds like you are turning into a liberal elitists.
Jethro Bodine