Thursday, September 11, 2008

More On Palin

These are comments from two Alaskans on a long-distance-riding forum I have been on for years; I have met the first commentor, he's a solid, down to earth, regular guy - and a long time resident of Wasilla.


Pretty much what you see is what you get. She is just a regular gal from a middle class family.......just like you and me. Her husband was a slope worker (oil rigs) till she became gov....then he there would not be a conflict of interest. He has run the Iron Dog several times and has won it. They are both outdoors type people.....hunting/fishing/gold mining/etc.

She has taken on big oil.......pretty much told big oil to stuff it on the gas pipeline and got someone else to build it. She took away oil leases that companies were sitting on. She is against corruption (she supported Sean Parnell in the Republican congressional primaries against our long time Congressman Don Young, who is under
investigation.) She sold the "governors private jet" on ebay saying it was a waste of money. With high oil prices the state is getting a bundle ($$$$$$)in tax money. Along with our regular dividend she is adding an extra 1,200 for energy costs.....every man woman and child should get close to 3 grand this year. She figured the people needed the extra money rather than the state. The list goes on and on of good things she has done. She has over a 80% approval rating here in Alaska.

The only dirt I know of.......

Her sister was in an abusive relationship with a state trooper. The trooper is a real jerk/nut case from what I understand. Anyway the allegations are....she is accused of using her position as gov to try and get the trooper fired. When the state head of public safety wouldn't fire the trooper she fired the head of public safety. Then she appointed another guy to take his place that had work sexual harassment problems in his past. He resigned after about a week on the job. Now a panel has been put together to find a replacement.

She is currently under investigation to see if she actually abused here power. It will be interesting to see how it will come out.

Every body I ran into today, (including me) were were ecstatic with the news. She even called a couple of the local talk radio shows today to say "Hi" to everyone. Needless to say.......most people here in Wasilla AND Alaska will prolly vote for her.

While this has happened sooner than I expected it, there has been no doubt in my own mind that Sarah is a rising star in the Republican Party. She trounced both her rivals in the pre-primary gubernatorial debates, then walked away with the win over former Democratic governor Tony Knowles. Like most Alaskans, she is pretty independent-minded, and follows what seems to have become the state motto: "We don't give a damn how they do it Outside".

She is one sharp lady, and her looks might deceive some, but they'd better not underestimate her. Up here, her husband Todd is often referred to as the "first dude" , and is a down to earth sort of guy.

Gonna be interesting, you betcha.

And a comment from a Fairbanks expatriate (Helikron) currently living in the Pacific Northwet -

"Hey Y'all,

I really, truly wish her and her family the very best during the runout of this incredible, historic gig. She's making/taking a tremendous leap for Women, Alaska, and, I pray, for the USA.
What a gal!

We can also find solace in that we know she's ready for Washington
D.C.: fully accustomed to pitching guts and carcasses, and has her own chest waders... still, that cesspool in D.C. will be a challenge! "

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