Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Am I A Racist

Am I a Racist?

Recently I had to fly to Nashville. My trip took me to Memphis where I had to change planes. During my layover in Memphis, I was watching CNN and listening to the TV talk about the Presidential race. I could hardly sit still and listen to all the B.S. CNN was talking about. I could tell the guy setting next to me was in favor of the comments that we were listening, too. I looked over at him and stated “where are you from?” “He responded NYC”. I asked, “Do you support McCain?” he said, “hell no!” I said, “Oh, so you support Obama.” Then he asked me, “Who do you support?” I responded, rather proudly, “John McCain”. He said, “Any white person that does not support Obama is nothing more than a racist!” I stated, “I am not a racist and I don’t support Obama!” I moved then. He did cause me to think about his comments. Below are my thoughts.

I am not voting for Obama; does that make me a racist? I have read that 95% of blacks are voting for Obama, does that make them racist? Are they voting for Obama just because he is black? I voted for J.C. Watts and I am proud to call him a good friend. I like Alan Keys, Colin Powell, and Michael Steele. So, why can I support some blacks, yet if I oppose Obama, I am a racist? I did not support Jesse Jackson when he ran for President in 1988 and I did not support Al Sharpton when he for President in 2004. Why did I not support these individuals? Could it be that, I do not believe in the same issues that some of these black candidates do? Could it be that, I do not believe in abortion? Could be that, I believe in the second amendment and they oppose the second amendment? Could it be that, I do not believe in higher taxes? Could it be that, I do not believe in more liberal judges?

Obama is too liberal; I am supposed to feel guilty because I do not support him because he is black? I don’t think so!

Obama could be as white as Joseph Biden and I would not support him. Tell me how am I a racist? Obama favors same sex marriage, I oppose. Obama supports government control of heath care, I oppose. I believe in less government, Obama believes the government has all the answers. I believe we should drill now and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Obama opposes lifting the ban on off shore drilling. I oppose hate crime laws, Obama supports hate crime laws. I believe we should protect infants born alive; Obama opposes laws protecting botched abortions. Some call this murder!

Obama is nothing but a smooth talking, hip-hopping, rapper snake oil salesman. He is cocky and has a reputation of being a dishonest, low-life, Chicago hood. He hangs out with people that hate this country. He hangs with known criminals. He does not even honor our flag. Why would any normal red blooded American vote for a jerk like Obama just because he is black? I am not voting for Obama because he is wrong on every issue. Black, blue or yellow color has nothing to do with how I vote.


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