Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Obama's Cronies Out Stealing McCain Signs

Democrats cry about Obama signs missing. They claim its racist stealing the Obama signs. Now hold on RACIST, I don’t think so. Here is the real story.

Tuesday evening around 4:00 PM, Senator Russell was driving home. When he turned onto his street he noticed a car parked in his yard. As he got closer, he saw a blond headed guy in his 20’s pick up his McCain sign and drive off. Sen. Russell parked in his driveway and ran out in the street to stop the pickup. Rather than slowing down the driver headed directly towards the Senator and he had to move out of the way to avoid being hit. Sen. Russell got a good look at the driver and also got his tag number. Sen. Russell filled a police report. Be on the look out for tag # OK 750-XHJ, white 2004 Dodge pickup. The police report # is 08-85994. Be on the look out for this guy.

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