Sunday, October 5, 2008

Did You Hear About Our Brave Heros

Did You Know

Some of you may have already seen this. For those of you that have not seen this, it is because main stream America news decided not to talk about it. Fox did show and talk about it, but not near enough. On July 4th 2008 at Al Faw Palace Bagdad, Iraq. General Petraeus officiated the largest re-enlistment of 1,215 solders ceremony in military history.

American men and women volunteering to stay longer in Iraq, so that when they leave the new democracy will have a better chance of surviving.

A Chicago Pizzeria donated 2,000 pizzas. The press did report the 2,000 pizzas being sent to Iraq but not the reason why.

Let a bomb explode in a market killing two people and it’s all over the news.
Why is McCain or Palin not talking about this when Obama is so critical of our brave solders?

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