Monday, October 6, 2008

Missing McCain Signs All Over Norman

I have had several calls, the last few days, from my Republican friends concerning McCain yard signs. It seems that someone is stealing McCain signs all over Norman. Some blocks, in the Brookhaven area, have had their McCain signs stolen and the Obama signs are the only poltical signs in yards. So tell me, is it racial? I bet the media would say "oh that's just politics, when a McCain sign is stolen". Oh, but if an Obama sign is stolen it's racial. Give me a break! I have names, if the media cares to contact the individuals, to confirm that McCain signs have indeed been stolen. One guy is on his 4th McCain sign. So, I say to the media "you guys that are spreading the racial crap are full of crap"! I do not agree with anyone stealing signs. It is wrong for Republicans and it is wrong for Democrats.
But, it is just stupid to say it's racial!


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Andrew said...

Hey Bob!

This is Andrew w/ I linked this post at the site. And I bet they won't say any McCain signs were "Desecrated" as they claim with the defaced Obama signs. It's all such a joke.