Sunday, June 29, 2008

Helen Cole Republican Women's Club.

The Helen Cole Republican Women's Club's "Let Freedom Ring" looked like a success. It was great visiting with all the candidates and their wonderful volunteers. Good luck all. Thank you to all the women in the club for putting on a great event.

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Sid Vicious said...

I attended the event and had a great time. I saw Kyle Loveless do something that really ought to make voters in SD 45 think hard before they decide to suppport him. As he and his wife were walking out of the Orr Family Farm, Kyle ripped the neon armband off his wrist and threw it onto the ground. I was standing about 10 yards away talking to a couple of others. Kyle and his wife didn't see us - I'm sure he wouldn't have done it had he known people were watching. Kyle must not care too much about keeping our state beautiful. I think its pretty disturbing that he would show such disregard and disrespect. No wonder the Cleveland County Executive Committee - which HE hand picked - voted unanimously to censure him for his failed leadership as Chairman of the Party. Let's hope the Republicans in SD 45 don't elect this litterbug to the Senate.