Monday, June 30, 2008

Response To Concerned Citizen

Response to Concerned citizen.

What does age have to do with anything? When is too old really too old? Is
McCain too old to be our next President? Was Ronald Reagan too old to serve?
as our 40th President? He was elected at the age of 70 years old. Reagan
has gone down in the history as one of our top Presidents. President Reagan
ranks highly among former U.S. presidents in terms of approval. So the age
factor just does not hold water!

Today, we need a Sheriff that has excellent managerial skills. We do not
need a Wyatt Earp. Being a rural Cleveland County resident the past 40
years, we know just how important Sheriff Beggs was in helping eliminate
crime in Cleveland County.

It is my understanding that some of the Commissioners did not want to hire a
Sheriff that was going to spend his next six months campaigning for the
Sheriff's job. They were looking for someone that could fill in until
election and then let the citizens decide.

"Is Doug Blaine an extension of Beggs"? After Beggs took office you could
tell an immediate difference in quick response time to emergencies and crime
in rural Cleveland County. The deputies were well trained and courteous.

As far as turnover goes, I know for a fact many of the Sheriff Deputies
leave the department after gaining training and experience for better paying
jobs in law enforcement. One thing is, for sure, the salaries of the
deputies must be increased. This is where the management skill and
experience is very important for our next Sheriff.

You made reference to "I want a sheriff that is known by his employees,
known personally by the citizens, not just a face on the news or in the
paper...someone that is going to bring the sheriff's office into the 21st
century. Don't write tickets or arrest people because that is a vote against
me, type sheriff and I feel that is the way Hamm, Lester, and Blaine would
be!!!" Who is your choice for our next Sheriff?

In my opinion, the Sheriff Department should be patrolling rural Cleveland
Counties 300 miles of unincorporated area, being visible to be proactive to
help prevent crimes. Patrolling the highways and issuing tickets is the
responsibility of the OHP.

As I look at Hamm, Blaine and Lester they are certainly fine people that
truly care about Cleveland County. In my opinion, each of them wants the job
not because they are looking at a retirement package. However I am sure they have looked at this issue. I do not believe Hamm’s past is an issue.

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