Monday, June 30, 2008

Letter From Reader "Concerned Citizen"

I received this comment from concerned citizen. I thought he made some valid points, so I am posting it along with my response. I would like to hear your comments.
Sheriff Race
Comments from a reader of www.thatsjustbob

Concerned citizen has left a new comment on your post "Sheriff Race":

First Off.... David Williams is not even in the running and if he was....
Second, Joe Lester might look good on paper and have a ton of experience,
check his active of a sheriff do you think he would be, it is
every law enforcement officers dream to hold the office of the sheriff at
the end of the career, it is a title and secondly a good retirement check.

If Mark Hamm, Joe Lester, and Doug Blaine were such great choices for
Sheriff, why didn't three county commissioners hire them as the interim?

Thirdly, Mark Hamm worked for the sheriff's office for 12 years, and all of
a sudden quit or got fired....who knows? and then he went to work at a bank
in moore as a bank teller!!!

Fourth...Doug Blaine is an extension of beggs, which is not bad
but...another beldetta. If he is running the sheriff office so
smoothly...and has for all of these years....why is the turnover rate of all
sheriff's office employees so high? Mark Hamm was apart of the turnover
problem when he was employed there as well.

The sheriff's office has a job ad in the paper about every other week.

I do not know how you guys feel but....I don't want a sheriff in there that
has been doing or not doing what they have been. I want a sheriff that is
going to proactive and not reactive. I want a sheriff that is known by his
employees, known personally by the citizens..not just a face on the news or
in the paper...someone that is going to bring the sheriff's office into the
21st century, and a lot more, but mostly....that will be very active and
promote activity to all of the employees and let them do their jobs as law
enforcement offices and take out the "Don't write tickets or arrest people
because that is a vote against me, type sheriff and I feel that is the way
hamm, lester, and blaine would be!!!
Concerned Citizen


Barrett Coldyron said...

I'd like to understand what the concerned citizen is saying, but most of that letter is incoherent. Sorry.

Capitol said...

I think he's way off base on Mark Hamm. I know him personally and he was NOT fired from the S.O.

He is a fine Christian young man and I think he's got some really good ideas on how to run the office.

You need to check your facts before you post something that is total fabrication!

bob said...

I agree Mark Hamm, is a fine Christian individual. Did you read my last sentence, of my post to Concerned Citizen?

bob said...

Oops one more thing. When I stated that Concerned Citizen had some valid points. His Hamm comment was not one of them.