Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Senator Jim Reynolds Speaks to the Republican Lucheon Club

Senator Jim Reynolds spoke to the Republican Luncheon Club on Tuesday. Giving a review of this year's legislative session. I applaud Senator Reynolds efforts to reduce the 5% yearly cap increase on property taxes. Senator Reynolds authored a bill that would reduce the cap 40% to a maximum increase per year to 3% or the rate of inflation. There may have been good intentions when the 5% yearly cap was passed nearly twenty years ago. However, many county governments have interrupted this law as an annual 5% increase even when the property has had no improvements or the property has sold.

When talking to voters around Cleveland County, the increases in property taxes is the number one issue. Trumping illegal immigration and education. There is a definite concern for the continued obituary raising of property taxes. If you ask the assessors about this, they are quick to recite the law and to tell you that the schools could not be funded without the increase.

Senator Reynolds said that the strong opposition from education help defeat his bill even among Republican leadership. I am disappointed that these Republicans would yield to the bullying of the OEA over many thousand constituents that are struggling to pay the rising cost of fuel, housing, food, health care and property taxes.

Representative Randy Terrill stated in his latest campaign material that he helped pass the "TWO LARGEST EDUCATION BUDGETS in state history" and added $5 million in funding for a new early childhood education program. Is 56% of the states budget not enough for education? Senator Reynolds should not have to fight for support from his own party. The Republicans in the legislature need to start standing up to the Oklahoma Education establishment. Requiring accountability and efficiencies in our state schools. One place would be supporting Senator Reynolds.

Thank you Senator Reynolds for taking on this issue.

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Jethro Bodine said...

Senator Reynolds, I attended the luncheon Tuesday and heard you speak so eloquently. You did a great job explaining your responsibilties in the State Senate. I only wish we had more Jim Reynolds. I appreciate your story concerning our personal property taxes. Something must be done to stop the escalating personal property taxes. Hopefully next year you will be able to get your bill passed. I know my uncle Jed would be proud to contribute to your campaign.

Representative Billy also was very interesting. From what I hear, she does an excellent job promoting conservatives values along with Scott Martin in the House of Representatives.
Jethro Bodine