Friday, June 20, 2008

If You Do Not Support Obama You Are A Racist?

This is a fascinating story. Paula Abeles (Clinton supporter)made a conference call to over 6,000 Clinton female supporters that are switching to McCain. Now she is being called a racist and received threatening calls from Obama supporters. Obama using the race card.


Paula Abeles described to Neil Cavuto, on his Wednesday show, the kind of threatening treatment she has received from Obama supporters. Thank god that law enforcement is now very involved in tracking down these perpetrators – and it’s quite easy given the trail they’ve left behind. (They think they’re clever, but we have our means of discovering exactly who they are. They don’t know that some of us are longtime ‘net users who know how to find those who abuse their privileges on the Internet.) Unlike them, we won’t out them on the Internet, but we are providing all information, with full details, to law enforcement. MOST SHOCKING is how little the Obama campaign takes action to handle these thugs themselves. That speaks volumes about the campaign’s tactics. It says even more that Obama attracts such vile people:


Dan said...

Story? What story? All I see is your blathering. Far as I can tell, you just made this up. Linkage?

sooner_1 said...

Without getting into the comment below the video clip, was anyone else shaking their head at how Cavuto went after this woman? Am I the only one who felt like he was essentially saying to her "how dare you turn on Obama and make up lies about the phone calls you allegedly recieved?" Can anyone imagine if she was a former supporter of Mit Romney who was advocating Obama, and claimed that persons saying they were Romney supporters called her in the night to harrass and threaten her? Would he have badgered her like he did?