Friday, June 20, 2008

Obama Legislative Accomplishments

Obama Legislative Accomplishments
This video says it all.


Sid Vicious said...

I think this guy must really be a Republican! How else to account for his hiddeous performance? And his speaking skills do kind of resemble George Bush's. If this guy is still on Obama's team, I bet they put him to work somewhere in America Samoa or maybe Puerto Rico where they couldn't understand him anyway.

sooner_1 said...

What's really funny about that is that it apparently isn't "a problem" for the democrat party that they have put up an empty suit who has no plan for anything except "hope" and "change" to address any issues. He doesn't think gas prices are too high, and even if they are, he thinks it's hopeless to try to do anything about it, so why try? What a joke. It says a lot that even democrats hate Hillary so much that they put this guy out there. Everyone is afraid to criticize him (except Bill Clinton... who would have ever thought that HE would be the one speaking truth about a democrat candidate for President.)