Sunday, June 15, 2008

Toby Keith

I think that is just another example of what a class act Congressman Cole is! Congressman Cole has never met Toby Keith, yet he authored this
bill in recognition of his service to our troops. Some of you may remember earlier this year, I sent a letter to the Norman Transcript Editor saying thank you to Toby for supporting our troops. I have never met Toby Keith either, however, I do appreciate Toby taking the time and spending his own money to entertain our troops.

Resolution Introduced To Honor Toby Keith
Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole has introduced a resolution to honor Toby
Keith for his commitment to the United States Armed Forces. Cole says
Keith has really gone out of his way to support the servicemen and women
and their families. The Oklahoma singer has been on six USO tours
overseas, during which he's performed for more than 135-thousand members
of the Armed Forces. Cole's office notes that during a recent trip to
Afghanistan, Keith's show was even disrupted by mortar fire.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. It's about time Toby gets recognized for what he does for the troops, EVERY YEAR. Others go once in a while but they don't do what Toby does. I am proud to be able to call myself one of his Warriors.

Thank you Toby and God Bless you and your group that goes with for what you do for the military.