Friday, June 20, 2008

More Spending Wasted By Our Legislators

$475 Million Bond, Are you Kidding!!

After thinking about the $475 million bond indebtness our Republican friends voted for at the end of the last legislative session I am still fuming. Now I understand that part of the $475 million bond included $6 million for the GM Plant. This after the Okla. City area voted on a bond in there recent election to approve a bond. So why is the state giving any money to the GM Plant? Is this what we want our state government to be spending our hard-earned tax dollars on?. The Daily Oklahoman did a small article about this a couple of weeks ago trying to explain what, who, and where the money will go, but that's not the issue here. It's bigger than that! It's a fiscal conservative and limited government question that must be answered.
I actually found out about the $6 million GM bond by accident. The $6 million bond was not discussed with the Legislator’s or debated. It was simply brought to a vote at the very last minute. Again I ask the question what is the difference in the spending habits of Republicans VS Democrats. Acting like Democrats nationally is what has gotten the Republican Party in a mess.
We need a leadership that is tough on spending, tough on liberal ideas and work to get conservative issues passed and for heavens sakes, stop with the spending already. Taking a look at the Oklahoma House web page I cannot find one word about the $6 million Tinker or GM bond. Why is it not mentioned? Why is it so secretive? I wonder what else is going to surface. When we vote Republican we should not have to be looking over the shoulders of our Republican friends. Honesty is still the best policy.
We need strong leadership that will stand up to special interest. If the Republicans are going to get back to being Reagan conservatives we need to get started right now.
I do appreciate the following Legislators who voted no on the $6 million bond. The below voted no on the $6 million Tinker bond: Thank you!
Blackwell, Hickman, McDaniel, R., Terrill,
Dank, Kern, Murphey, Trebilcock,
Duncan, Key, Peterson, P., Wesselhoft,
Faught, Martin, St., Reynolds, Wright,


Capitol said...

Bob - you are RIGHT ON with this subject! But you forgot there were a few good Senators who stood firm and voted against these last minute pocket pickers!

Anonymous said...

while you may not like the GM plant purchase to secure the long term future of Tinker Air Force Base, the largest employer in our State, do know that this particular bill was NOT part of the bond package. This money was in a reserve fund of unclaimed property. Frankly it was a great use of those funds.

bob said...

Thank you for clarification on this issue. I actually heard this today for the first time. I find this interesting since I discussed this issue with several Rep’s and one Senator before going to print. Not one person I conferred with said anything about unclaimed property money. In fact they all said it was bond money. This tells me the $6 million give away was confusing to a lot of people. Again thank for the correct information. I still disagree with giving our money away.

Jethro Bodine said...

This is the people’s money. Why was it not given back to the people?
Jethro Bodine

sooner_1 said...

Jethro, you still don't understand? To the politicians (BOTH parties have them) it's ALL THEIR money.