Friday, June 20, 2008

Senate District 45 Race

I have conferred with several people that attended the forum at Okla City Coummity College this week and everyone thought the winner was TOO close to call.
More observations:

Melinda Daugherty was dressed to a tee. She looked very professional and spoke very intelligently on all the issues. They say she is walking daily and if she loses it will not be because she is not walking and meeting the voters.
Jerry Foshee was just outstanding. The more he speaks the more he resonates with the voters. One thing that’s for sure about Jerry, as a city councilman, he fought for conservative values. Being a former south sider, I follow south side politics closely. I was also told that Jerry kept the forum in stitches with his political comments.
Col. Steve Russell was praised as an outstanding newcomer to the political field. Russell has been a south sider for the past eleven years, when he was not fighting for our freedom. Everyone that I talked to believe that Russell came off as the winner by a nose. Voters like the manner and the honesty that comes from Col. Russell. A lot of people are tired of the life-long politician that tries to only articulate what the voters want to hear.
Voters want honesty in its elected officials and in my opinion they will get that with any of the above.


Anonymous said...

I my opinion, Steve Russell will make the best Senator of the five that are running. I did attend the forum. Steve is new to the policial arena but he states my values and beliefs. I will be voting for Russell because of what I heard at the forum. I am not saying that the other three will not make a good Senator but the people will decide.

Anonymous said...

That is the first time I have ever heard anyone say Jerry Foshee has fought for conservative values.

Sid Vicious said...

I don't live in SD 45, but if I did I would be torn between Foshee and Russell. I like the good patriot, but Foshee brings experience and he hasn't drank the "GOP" Kool-aid that makes all Republicans bash trial lawyers(that is until a Republican needs a trial lawyer). Poor Loveless - I bet the guy doesn't make the run-off. Maybe he can go back to doing anonymous reporting on News Channel 9 after July.

Jared said...

What about Kyle Loveless? I haven't met any of them, but his website says not only his positions, but what he wants to DO about is. I was liking Russell, but when I went to his website, I was let down by its lack of information.

Jared said...

Just moments ago I had a quite lengthy conversation with Col. Steve Russel... He persuaded me, and will (unless something huge happens) be getting my vote on the 29th. He is right on the issues that matter most, fiscal conservative, pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-gun - receiving more gun endorsements that ANYONE else running... good Christian guy.