Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Is Collins Worried about Stiles?


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Statement: The Democrats’ Big lie

NORMAN, OK— Aaron Stiles, candidate for House District 45, released the following statement today:

“With one week to go before the primary election, my message has caught on in the district and my opponents are now resorting to disgusting, false attacks. Just as we expected, Democrats and Wallace Collins’s surrogates have begun to spread lies about me, defame my character, and violate my privacy rights by accessing private utility bills. We must be winning!

“Today, the Democrat blog Demookie published a false report claiming I don’t live in the district. In a move worthy only of the Three Stooges, they then posted pictures of the house I live in, which is located in the district! Furthermore, Wallace Collins must have forgotten to tell them that he visited with me at my house just last week to discuss the campaign.

“My wife and I have lived in our current residence on Line Drive since last year and we are now in the process of purchasing a new house near Lake Thunderbird to which we hope to move at the end of this month. The house the Democrats are claiming I really live in is actually one of many rental properties I own in Norman and is currently being rented by college students.

“Wallace’s surrogates have created these lies because they see the outpouring of support for my message of bringing ethical, effective leadership to Lincoln Boulevard. Thousands of Democrats, Independents, Republicans and many of Wallace’s former supporters are now joining my campaign because they realize we need a change at the capitol.”


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All the best.

Aaron Stiles

Republican Candidate HD 45

Ethics. Responsibility. Compassionate. Solutions.

P.O. Box 1222

Norman, Oklahoma 73070

(405) 310-3465


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Barrett Coldyron said...

What do you expect from Wallace's supporters? Liars attract liars.