Thursday, July 24, 2008

Transcript Trying To Pick Republican Candidate?

Today the Norman Transcript printed a story critical of Aaron Stiles. One has to wonder, why is the Transcript so interested in printing a story critical of Aaron Stiles? Especially since the Transcript refused to report that Wallace Collins campaigned on a promise to eliminate the Grocery Sales Tax, yet when the opportunity came for Wallace to vote on abolishing the Grocery Sales Tax, he skipped the vote. Amazingly, he was present for the votes before and after the Grocery Sales Tax vote. The Transcript did not believe that was a story, but just a few days before the Republican primary, the Transcript runs an incredible story about Aaron Stiles. Are the Transcript and Collins afraid of Stiles because Aaron is the front runner in this race? Is that the reason the Transcript is attacking him? Only you can determine the real motive behind the Transcript attacking a Republican.


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