Thursday, July 24, 2008

Watch Party

Cleveland County Republican Club Host Watch Party.
The Cleveland County Republican Club will sponsor a Republican candidate watch party. The following candidates have responded. Court Clerk candidate Tammy Howard , Sheriff Candidate Doug Blaine, County Commissioner candidate George Skinner, HD 45 candidate Ron Henderson, Corporation Commissioner candidate Dana Murphy.

Sheriff candidate Joe Lester will have his watch party at the Trails.
HD 45 candidate Aaron Stiles will have his watch party next door to Coach’s at the Red Room.
SD 45 candidate Jerry Foshee will have his watch party at his office.
SD 45 candidate Steve Russell will have his watch party at the Embassy Suites on Meridian
No information on Cleveland County Clerk candidate Kerrie Hudson, HD 45 candidate David Hopper, SD 45 candidate Melinda Daugherty, SD 45 candidate Marty Gormley, SD45 candidate Kyle Loveless.

When: Tuesday Aug 29th
Time: 6:45 PM-8:00 PM
Where: Coach’s Restaurant
Location: Downtown Norman
Questions: Bobby Cleveland 517-5990

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