Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Oklahomans For Life has posted the candidates' responses to its Pro Life Survey. Pro Life voters should be concerned that only two of the Norman area candidates for the Legislature answered 100% Pro Life on their surveys. Of course both were Republicans and none of the Democrats even bothered to respond to the survey.

In HD 44, neither Bill Nations nor Tod Barrett, his Republican challenger responded to the survey. In HD 46, Rep. Scott Martin answered YES to 100% of the questions, while his Democrat opponent failed to respond to the survey. And in SD 15, again the Democratic challenger failed to answer the survey, while Senator Jonathan Nichols answered YES to 11 out of 12 questions. Senator Jonathan Nichols does have a 100% pro-life voting record as noted by "Oklahomans For Life" in it's survey.

Here’s the question Senator Nichols left blank:

Upon reversal of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision,
will you vote for a law that would protect the lives of unborn children and
prohibit abortion except to prevent the death of the mother?

In the race for House District 45, Aaron Stiles answered YES to 100% of the questions. Ron Henderson did not return the survey and David Hopper did not answer two of the questions.

These are the two questions Hopper did not answer.

4) Will you vote for a comprehensive abortion-reporting law that
would provide an understanding of the prevalence of abortion in
Oklahoma, the reasons abortions are sought, the complications that result,
and that would monitor, and ensure compliance with, our existing abortion
5) The right to life of human beings must be respected at every stage of
their biological development. Nevertheless, some have proposed taking
living human embryos from in vitro fertilization clinics and harvesting their
stem cells, thereby killing these embryonic human beings. While we support
research on stem cells obtained without killing human embryos – e.g, stem
cells harvested from umbilical-cord blood or from adult tissue – we oppose
killing embryonic human beings. Would you vote for a law to protect living
human embryos from being used for medical experiments that harm or kill
them, including so-called “embryonic stem-cell research” that would
require the killing of human embryos?

To view how all candidates for office in Oklahoma answered all of the questions, go to http://www.okforlife.org/resources/18july-july08nl.pdf

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BossHawg said...

How strange that Jonathan didn't answer the question about overturning Roe v. Wade - perhaps it's because OK has never taken its ban on abortions off the books.
Jonathan has been solidly pro-life for his entire career so I give him a pass on this one.
You didn't mention the other two candidates for HD 45 - the Ron Paul dude and Liar Liar Wally Collins. But I went to the Oklahomans for Life website and saw that they didn't respond to the survey either. I'm surprised Wallace didn't go ahead and fill it out saying he's pro-life - wouldn't be the first time he's lied!
Rep. Martin is proving to be a true conservative legislator - continuing on in the path of his predecessor Doug Miller. Good job Scott - thanks for standing on the side of life!