Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SQ 741 Vote No

I received my absentee ballot and have a problem with State Question 741. SQ 741 concerns our property taxes. The bottom line is SQ 741 is good for the counties but bad for the taxpayers and especially for our military veterans. In my opinion Oklahoma County Assessor Leonard Sullivan's letter to the editor in The Oklahoman Monday supporting SQ 741 is nothing but a scare tactics. Mr. Sullivan got it all wrong – the tax payers are the real losers in this ballot proposal. This proposal, if passed, will prevent taxpayers from claiming property tax exemptions to which they are entitled to by law, if they do not file for them within a certain time period. All tax payers should vote no! All concerned taxpayers should ask Mr. Sullivan and other tax hogs, “why should government work only one way?” If the government discovers that they did not charge you enough on your past year taxes they can go back and claim revenue – even if several years have gone by! . They do this through the, “Tax Rolls Correction Board”. And all 77 counties in the state have one.
What is wrong with the taxpayers being given the same rights as their government? SQ 741 is bad for the senior citizens, bad for our veterans and just plain bad for the taxpayers. As a conservative Republican, opposed to further taxation, I am completely surprised that our Republicans in the Legislature put this stinker on the ballot without actually checking out how it hurts the average taxpayers.
Vote NO!!!

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