Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stupid Voters

It amazes me to see the Presidential polling. McCain and Obama are basically even. McCain has many years of not only experience but a record of how he will govern. At times he has drove conservative Republicans crazy and other times he has been our champion.

Then there is Obama. He has been in the US Senate for 2 years and he sometimes does not even recognize that he is among the top fifty of the government. He has no real convictions to speak of or at least has not expressed them. He has changed his stances on the war against terror, drilling off shore and taxes just to name a few. But one continued rhetoric Obama has uttered is - "the failed Bush economy", "we need a bailout for main street not Wall Street."

This comes to my point, this is a true ism that is often times frustrating.

"Smart people and stupid people get equal airtime. And since stupid people tend to shout longer and louder than people who have acquired wisdom and judgment, ignorance usually prevails."

We cannot let ignorance prevail. We must continue to shout just as long and just as loud.

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