Friday, October 3, 2008

Congress Use Scare Tactics

Congress bails out Wall Street with a bunch of pork. Of all the years, I have followed politics this bail out is the worst way to spend our money that, I have ever seen. The bail out stinks and the pork stinks. Congress kept telling us how important it was to get this bail out passed immediately. If the bail out was so important to get passed, why did the Seenate spend so much time adding the pork? So, why approve all the pork, why not just approve the Freddie and Fannie bail out? Senator Coburn, the one man that all of us thought we could depend on to protect our money, folded just like the rest of Congress. All of us taxpayers did nothing to cause this mess, yet we are asked, no we were told, that our money will be used to bail out these people that can't spend our money wisely! Barney Frank, who was in charge of the committee that over sees Fannie and Freddie, should be fired. If he was in charge of any company, in the world that went under, he would be fired and rightfully so.

The bail out and the pork that Congress voted in favor of will cost the Republicans votes this election cycle. Already people are asking what is the difference between a Democrat and a Republican? They both vote for pork. Even after we sent emails and called Congress to vote no, they voted yes. They did not listen to the voter. They acted like our opinion doesn't matter.

On the other hand, was Congress telling us everything? If not, that is even worse. If Congress cannot be honest with the American people, oh why even go there, they are not honest with us and we let them get away with it. The bail out sucks and the pork attached to the bail out sucks.

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