Wednesday, October 1, 2008

County Democrats Copy Helen Cole Banquet

Looks like even the Democrats here in Cleveland County have run out of original ideas. Democrats in Washington DC and at the State Capitol ran out of ideas many years ago, but now their lack of original ideas has even trickled down to Cleveland County! Since it began in 2000, the Helen Cole Republican Awards Banquet has been the biggest and most successful fundraiser for Republicans in Cleveland County year after year. This banquet has been a forum to recognize party activists and to raise money through silent auction. For the past 8 years we’ve had this event at the JD McCarty Center. Now a leftist blog reports that the Cleveland County Democrat Party is having its awards banquet, to “Honor the 2008 Distinguished Democrat Award Winner County Commissioner Leroy Krohmer and the Cleveland County Activist Award Winners”. Except for the fact that they are honoring one of the most controversial, good ole boys in County Commissioner history, does this event sound familiar? And guess where it’s being held? At the JD McCarty Center! Someone once said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It looks like the Democrats here in Cleveland County must really be flattered by the success Republicans have had with the Helen Cole Republican of The Year Banquet. The 2009 Helen Cole Awards Banquet, honoring the top Republican volunteers and featuring invited speakers David Barton, (one of the most popular Republican speakers in the nation), Mary Fallin, Tom Cole and Senator Pro-Tempore Glenn Coffee, Senator Tom Coburn. Banquet will be January 27th at the new Embassy Suites where it can hold up to 1800. Mark your calendar and buy your tickets $50.00 each.

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