Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Caden/Cole Cleveland Selected

Our grandson Caden is 17 YRS and a JR. at Christian Heritage Academy. He loves baseball and will soon be in the big leagues.


Congratulations on being selected to the 2009 Power Showcase All-World &
All-American Team! You have been chosen to represent Oklahoma in the 3rd
Annual International High School Power Showcase Home Run Derby! You and Cole
are the first brother doe to compete!

Your performance at the Show Case assured you a spot as one of the top
junior Power Hitters in the Nation. You showed unbelievable Power and Bat
speed from the left side of the plate. You will join 60 plus other players
at Tropicana Field to compete in the International High School Home Run

The 3rd Annual International High School Home Run Derby will be held once
again, inside Tropicana Field on Saturday, January 3rd, 2009. The top 60
Power Hitters in the World will be identified and selected (50 from the U.S.
~ 10 International) to participate. Only (15) 2010/2011 graduates will be
chosen - providing the baseball world with an early glimpse of the futures

The Power Showcase "60" is a ranking system that will be released shortly
after the finals, rating the prospects according to their ability/projection
- based on their performance. Bat Speed - Exiting Speed (ball velocity) -
Total Number of HR's and Total HR Distance.

"The Power Showcase 60" is the largest and most comprehensive collaboration
of High School Power Hitting Prospects ever assembled. Fifty players from
the U.S. will be identified and selected as well as
ten international players/countries.

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