Friday, October 31, 2008

State Party Comments Roth Ethics

October 31, 2008 Contact: Gary Jones 405-528-3501

FOX 25 revelations of official misconduct by Jim Roth “shocking," says GOP Chairman. Gary Jones

(OKLAHOMA CITY) OKGOP Chairman Gary Jones today released the following statement following FOX 25 revelations of official misconduct by Jim Roth:

"The official actions of Jim Roth, as depicted in Thursday night's report by Channel 25, are shocking. Among a litany of wrongdoing, it appears Corporation Commissioner Jim Roth used his position to intimidate a landowner into selling his land, going so far as threatening the use of eminent domain in order to benefit an individual that has bankrolled his (Roth's) campaign.

"The disturbing implications of Roth's DUI arrest have largely been ignored by the press; there can be no more ignoring the fact that there is something deeply disturbing about the agenda of those that control Roth and the appearance of dishonesty surrounding him.

"Regardless of the outcome of Tuesday's election between Jim Roth and Dana Murphy, an inquiry with no ties to 'Team Roth' should be immediately launched to determine whether or not Roth has used his office to enrich supporters. Nothing less than the credibility of the State of Oklahoma and its officials is at stake." (END)

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