Friday, October 31, 2008

Thad Balkman Picks

Because I often get asked for advice on candidates and state questions,
I put together this email outlining my choices for this year’s election.
I have taken the liberty to send this to you. If my political ideology
offends you, I apologize in advance, but I’m taking the gamble of
sending this to you because I think the ramifications for some of the
races this year are so wide spread that I cannot remain silent.

Below I’ve listed who I choosing and why. If you still have questions
or want more info, feel free to call or email me and I’ll do my best to
help you. In the past, I have been asked if these e-mails can be
forwarded? By all means please do, as I think most Oklahoman’s don’t
know much about many of these races. Remember that voting starts TODAY
- absentee in person at the County Election Board. And if you can’t get
there today or tomorrow, then don’t forget to vote Tuesday. Polls are
open from 7 am to 7 pm but as this is a Presidential year, the lines are
sure to be long, so if you want to avoid the crowd try going about 10 in
the morning or 2 in the afternoon. Your polling location is listed on
your voter ID card, which is a good idea to bring with you when you


House District 45:

Aaron Stiles (R) – this one is a no brainer as I believe the incumbent
is the most ineffective legislator in the Oklahoma Legislature. In his
two years in the House, Collins has not authored a single bill enacted
into law. In sharp contrast to Collins’ ultra-liberal ideology and his
record of unethical conduct (Collins has been sued successfully twice
for libeling his political opponents and used campaign money to pay his
legal bills), Aaron Stiles shares our traditional family values. Aaron
served in the Air Force for 8 years, before returning to Norman to
obtain his law degree and start his business. Aaron is a fiscal
conservative who vigorously opposed the Norman library project that
voters turned down earlier this year in part because of its tremendous
costs. Aaron has been a quick study on the issues important to the
district and will bring much needed leadership to the Capitol.

House District 46:

Scott Martin (R) – Scott has risen quickly to the House leadership table
in his first term representing Noble and South and West Norman. His
background in city government, particularly transportation issues makes
him a very effective advocate for Norman. Scott is a family man and is
not afraid to stand up for moral issues even when he faces heat from the
local liberal establishment in Norman.

Senate District 15:

Jonathan Nichols (R) – for the past eight years, Jonathan has been a
stalwart conservative in the Oklahoma State Senate. A former Assistant
DA in Cleveland County, he has continually battled against the liberals’
attempts to soften criminal penalties and defund public safety. His
record on pro-life issues and fiscal discipline in state spending is
impeccable. Jonathan deserves a third and final term.

Cleveland County Sheriff:

Joe Lester (R) – Joe is the former Chief of Police for the OU Police
Department and decided to cut short his retirement to run after former
Sheriff Beggs retired. Joe has the experience and will bring innovative
and fiscally responsible ideas required to lead our law enforcement
efforts in Cleveland County.

Corporation Commission:

Jeff Cloud (R) – I didn’t originally support Jeff six years ago when he
first ran for Corporation Commissioner (I backed Dana Murphy – see
below), but Jeff has earned my respect and my vote for reelection to the
Commission. His opponent, a former legislator that I served with in the
House, has recently shown his utter complete ignorance about this office
and the duties of the Corporation Commission with his campaign ads that
claim he’s the only candidate who supports 2nd Amendment (gun) rights.
The Corporation Commission regulates utilities and natural gas and oil
producers in the state – and Jeff has shown that he is a fair and
conscientious member of the Commission who is not just a puppet for the
big corporations he regulates nor is he an overzealous consumer

Dana Murphy (R) – Of all statewide elections this one is the MOST
important! This special election is to fill out the unexpired term left
vacant when Denise Bode resigned a year and a half ago. Governor Henry
appointed Jim Roth(D) to temporarily fill the term and now he and Dana
Murphy are competing to fill the remainder of this term. As I stated
earlier, I supported Dana Murphy six years ago when she first ran for
the Corporation Commission. She lost in the Republican Run-off to Jeff
Cloud. I supported Dana back then for the same reasons I support her
now. Experience and trust. Dana’s professional background makes her
probably the best qualified candidate for the Corporation Commission
that we’ve ever had on the ballot. She was an administrative law judge
for the commission, she’s a geologist, and she is a licensed attorney
who regularly represents clients before the commission. If you have
ever heard her speak she can recite verbatim the duties as outlined in
the state constitution of the Corporation Commissioners. Back in 2002,
I got to know her pretty well as we campaigned door to door together in
my former east Norman district. Since then I have worked with her on a
variety of party activities – Dana was Vice Chairwoman of the Oklahoma
Republican Party – and I can say without out a doubt that she is as
honest as can be. If elected she will not be bought off by the big
corporate interests that are supposed to be regulated by the Corporation
Commission. Maybe that is why those guys are spending so much money to
back her opponent.

A few words on her opponent. Some of you may have been reading the
Oklahoman closely and who may know that Jim Roth is an out of the closet
homosexual. However, most Oklahomans are unaware of his un-natural

perversion. I don’t believe he makes any mention of his homosexuality on
his web-site. In brief, the largest PAC in the nation supporting
homosexual candidates considers this one the most important races in the
nation (see In addition, Jim Roth’s Corporation
Commission Campaign was a sponsor of the 2008 Gay Pride Parade held
earlier this year in Oklahoma City (see Then of
course, when Roth was a County Commissioner in Oklahoma County, he
supported having pro-homosexual books accessible to small children in
the Oklahoma County libraries. Have you ever wondered why the homosexual
community from all over America would contribute tens, perhaps hundreds
of thousands of dollars to Jim Roth’s corporation commission race in

Even if you don’t think his homosexuality is an issue, I believe Roth is
a puppet on a string for people that I believe want to control and use
the regulatory power of government for their personal purposes. Charlie
Meadows (see and Mike McCarville (see have both done great work compiling an
in depth look at the relationship between Roth, his donors and how Roth
has used his office to grant his donors special favors. I also believe,
if Roth wins, he will use this election as a launching pad to a future
U.S. Senate race or perhaps Governor some day.

On the other hand, I believe Dana Murphy is honest and independent (can’
t be bought). I also believe she wants to serve in this capacity with no
intention to run for another office sometime in the future. I believe
Dana will seek

that delicate balance which is the best for the oil and gas industry and
the consumers at the same time. That is the real job of a corporation
commissioner. I urge you to vote for Dana Murphy and support efficient
and effective government for the benefit of all Oklahomans.

SQ 735 - Vote YES This is the exemption from personal property taxes
for injured veterans and their surviving spouses. Those eligible are
veterans who are 100 percent permanently disabled through military
action or accident or disease contracted while in active service.

SQ 741 Vote NO This requires a person or business to file an
application for an exemption to property taxes and no exemptions could
be granted prior to filing an application. Basically this places a
deadline on individuals and businesses for filing tax exemptions. So if
you fail to do so within a certain period of time, you are out of luck,
and out of money. Meanwhile, there is nothing stopping government from
coming after you for money they think you owe no matter how long it’s

SQ 742 Vote YES The RIGHT to hunt and fish needs to be embedded into our
constitution as a protection from possible future federal government
interference into Oklahoma laws. We don’t know how much the "animal
rights" wack jobs across the nation will gain control over federal
government policies.

SQ 743 Vote YES This breaks up a monopoly and allows legal Oklahoma
wineries to have a more free market with which to sell their wines. They
won’t have to go through a middle man.

THE OKLAHOMA STATE SUPREME COURT – all three voted to give convicted
felon and former State Senator Gene Stipe his state pension. ‘Nuff

Justice John F. Reif Vote NO

Justice Tom Colbert Vote NO

Justice Joseph Watt Vote NO


Justice Charles Johnson Vote Yes – I worked for him in law school. He
is fair minded and tough on crime.

Justice Gary Lumpkin Vote YES – Another fair minded judge.

OKLAHOMA COURT OF CIVIL APPEALS I was not able to find out any
information on the 4 judges on the ballot on this court. This is your


Fourth District:

Tom Cole (R) – Tom is a class act and has proven over the last six years
to be a great conservative leader for Oklahoma in the US House. Tom,
considered to be the “father” of the Republican party in Cleveland
County, understands the political process better than anyone else. He
has a record of voting for tax relief, he’s strong on national defense
and the protection of the unborn. He faces token Democratic opposition,
a sign of respect that even in this Democratic leaning district, the
opposition can’t find a serious challenger.

US Senate:

Jim Inhofe (R) – Senator Inhofe is a proud conservative Republican and
is widely recognized as one of if not the most conservative members in
the US Senate. Liberals nationwide have drawn a bulls eye on his back
and poured in millions of dollars to defeat him – all to no avail. His
opponent, Andrew Rice is so liberal he makes Barack Obama seem like a
moderate! In 2004, Rice organized and led an organization opposed to
the ballot question that defined marriage as between one man and one
woman. During his brief stint in the State Senate, Rice has been a
reliable liberal vote on issues like abortion, crime, taxes and
expansion of government entitlements.

President & Vice President:

John McCain (R) & Sarah Palin (R) – Whether it be judicial
appointments, taxes, abortion policy, national defense, governmental
oversight, or almost any other important issue, McCain/Palin is the
clear choice over Obama/Biden. As frustrated as many Americans are with
the Bush Administration, they should be very careful about “Change” just
for the sake of change. If you value life, do you want to change to a
President with a horrendous pro-abortion voting record and who will most
likely appoint Supreme Court Justices that will keep abortions legal in
the United States? Do you want to change to a President who will
abandon the free market economic principles in favor of socialism? Do
you want to change to a President that thinks it’s a good idea to tax
business owners and other successful people more so Big Brother
government can redistribute it to the poor? Do you want to change to a
President who will cut and run on the War on Terror and sit down face to
face with rogue leaders and terrorist sympathizers? McCain may not be
perfect but he is far better than Obama. Besides, a vote for McCain is
a votre for Sarah Palin and that makes the liberal establishment in
Washington DC furious!

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