Thursday, October 30, 2008

Finally The Truth

Finally a group that is willing to keep us informed of the facts.

Media Advisory is a 501/c/4 not for profit corporation that was created to battle a dangerous trend -- the politically correct media is no longer serving the public interest. If a candidates private life begins to affect public policy issues then we have a right to know abut it. The media is quick to point out when a conservative Republican is charged with public lewdness, but won't talk about Democrats who's personal relationships costs the taxpayers money.

By forming this organization we hope to begin an important discussion about protecting that which is genuinely private, but exposing the abuses of the taxpayers money covered up by politicians and their willing allies in the media who excuse it because of their own bias. We do not support or oppose any candidate for public office, but do believe that the people need unfiltered truth and information.

Sandra Caruso
7109 W Hefner Rd.

Oklahoma City, OK 73162 866/672-6339

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