Friday, October 31, 2008

Sex In The City

I bet the word Sex caught your attention. This is a copy of letter that recently was sent by Caruso. Nice to know we have someone that cares enough to send out a letter with all the facts.

Sandra Caruso
7109 W Hefner Rd.

Oklahoma City, OK 73162 866/672-6339

Dear Friend,

Do you get sick to your stomach when you see candidates or their families trashed by the media? Just last week, the media went after "Joe the Plumber." That's just wrong; Joe's personal life doesn't affect us.

BUT, what happens when a candidate's personal life and their beliefs increase our taxes, or hurt our families? Then it is no longer personal, it's public.

Unfortunately the media ignores real issues when it isn't "politically correct."

One of the major cases in point is Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Jim Roth.

Not everyone is aware that Commissioner Roth is openly homosexual. He's never hidden that fact and in certain circles celebrates it. For a short time he included a picture of himself and his male partner on his official web site.

But what if he used his political power to advance his personal agenda? Let's look at the public record . . .

When Roth was an Oklahoma County Commissioner, he pushed to have books that are aimed at promoting the homosexual agenda to children on the Oklahoma library shelves.

Supporters of parental rights wanted the gay themed books put on the adult shelves so parents didn't have to worry about their children stumbling upon them. Roth voted to put books like Heather has Two Mommies on shelves where young children could find them.

The major media in Oklahoma doesn't talk about Roth's endorsements by major homosexual organizations such as The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund (

Why is the media ignoring the fact that out-of-state groups that promote the radical homosexual agenda are donating thousands of dollars in Jim Roth's campaign? What are these groups trying to do?

What would homosexual activists have to gain with Roth on the Corporation Commission? Do they hope that he will use his influence to blackmail companies to support homosexual benefits?

Do they know that Roth has used his political power to help major contributors in the past? For instance while Roth was an Oklahoma County Commissioner he used $705,000 of the taxpayers money to build a road to benefit a wealthy contributor.

According to analysis done by investigative journalist Mike McCarville ( on October 6, 2008 the road project helped boost the value of the contributor's property from $60,100 to $449,362 a personal gain of $389,262, financed by your tax dollars.

You have a right to know that this is happening, but the media continues to pretend that "it's private" and you have no business knowing about it.
Do you agree? Do you believe that the media is covering this up because of political correctness? Then go to and sign up for our email newsletter.

I don't believe in spreading rumors or gossip. But I do believe that you have a right to know when a public official's private life starts affecting your family.

When private beliefs infringe on your rights you need to know. That's why I hope you will take this opportunity to go to today.

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