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Democrat FundRaising Dried Up

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Senate Candidate/Judicial Aspirant Funding Slows to Trickle

OKLAHOMA CITY – After raising almost $52,000 – 70% from trial attorneys – in the first quarter of his campaign for State Senate – former Judge and aspiring future judge Robert Murphy of Stillwater has seen his fundraising reduced to trickles following his decision to apply for the judgeship he abandoned to run for the Senate.

“It’s pretty clear Judge Murphy’s Hamlet impersonation – To Be or Not To Be – has very quickly worn thin on the voters and those who finance political campaigns in this state,” said Randy Swanson, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Republican Senatorial Committee.

Murphy’s latest fundraising report on file with the Oklahoma Ethics Commission indicates he raised $18,215 during the reporting period which ended August 11. 2008. Deducting the $650 he returned to a contributor who serves on the Judicial Nominating Commission, Murphy’s total raised now stands at $69,965.00.

Whereas Murphy had raised almost 70% of his funding from trial attorneys in the previous report, he reports only $3000 – which is still 18% of the contributions from individuals – from attorneys in the current report.

Jim Halligan, former president of Oklahoma State University and the Republican nominee in Senate District 21, raised two times Murphy’s amount -- over $37,000 this reporting period, and has now raised over $254,000 for his campaign.

“Voters and those who fund campaigns want to be confident that their candidate is committed to campaigning and serving,” Swanson said. “Clearly, Murphy’s inexplicable decision to pursue his old judgeship has not set well with the folks in Stillwater and surrounding communities, and has chilled contributions from attorneys, who rightly see a potential conflict in contributing to a man before whom they may be trying cases within months.

“On the other hand, the people appreciate Jim Halligan’s commitment to his community and his state, they know and appreciate his character, and understand he’s running for the right reasons,” Swanson continued.

“Republicans are eagerly awaiting election day on November 4,” Swanson concluded.

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