Friday, August 22, 2008

Republicans Invite Obama To Visit State


Senate Republicans invite Obama to Campaign in State
for Democrats Riley, Murphy, Lerblance, Erwin
OKLAHOMA CITY Echoing Governor Henry's invitation for Presidential candidate Barack Obama to campaign in Oklahoma, Senate Co-President Pro Tem Glenn Coffee offered to roll out the red carpet for the Democrat standard-bearer.
"Speaking on behalf of all Oklahoma Republicans, and in the spirit of true bi-partisanship, I want to join Governor Henry in inviting Barack Obama to Oklahoma. We'll break out all of the Oklahoma hospitality we can if Obama would campaign alongside Nancy Riley, Robert Murphy, Keith Erwin and Richard Lerblance," said Coffee.
"Senate Republicans would welcome him with open arms," he continued. "Better yet, let's take a statewide bus tour." With public polls showing Obama running a distant second to John McCain in the state, Republicans are eager for a visit by Obama.
Coffee suggested a swing starting in Lawton with Democrat Senate candidate Keith Erwin; north to Stillwater with Senate candidate/judge applicant Robert Murphy; then to Tulsa to go door-to-door with Nancy Riley; and a wrap-up rally in McAlester with Senator Richard Lerblance.
"We'll even pay for their meal at Pete's Place or The Isle of Capri in Krebs, if Obama likes great Italian food," Coffee added.
"If that schedule is too taxing, a rally on the south steps of the Capitol, with a photo-op of Obama standing, arms aloft with Riley, Murphy, Erwin and Lerblance and any other willing Democrat would be sufficient," he continued.
"If Obama doesn't have the time or inclination to visit his good friends in Oklahoma, I urge my Democrat friends in the Senate to make public their support for the top of their ticket.
"Why wouldn't Nancy Riley, Robert Murphy, Richard Lerblance or Keith Erwin declare their allegiance" Coffee asked. "They're mysteriously silent on this issue.
"If the Democrats need any help in planning the logistics for the Obama visit, have them call me. I'll be glad to put the full force of our campaigns behind this effort," he offered. "They know my number."

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Joe Ann said...

From the articles published in the Oklahoman, and the cartoon publised a couple days ato, the people of Oklahoma do not want Senator Obama here because it is basically a Republican state. The only reason they would want Senator Obama to come to this state if for the money his presence would generate for the various businesses.