Friday, August 22, 2008


Earlier today we reported that Kyle had refused to let the voters know who made thousands of dollars worth of last minute contributions to pay for his TV ads. Kyle tried to claim that he wasn’t obligated to tell the public until after the election. Well, perhaps even Kyle has a just a little sense of shame – this afternoon, he reversed his position and announced that after consulting with a lawyer at the Ethics Commission, he now will file a campaign finance report detailing the source of his last minute contributions that have enabled him to buy $20,000 worth of TV ads. Thatsjustbob will post the names of the contributors and amounts given as soon as they are made available to the public. Stay tuned.

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BossHawg said...

Huh? I just checked the Ethics Commission website and it appears that Kyle contributed $15,000 and change to his own campaign. Why would he not LOAN it to his campaign? And why the heck, if it is his own money, was he reluctant to report it in the first place?