Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kyle Loveless Ethics Problems

The Oklahoman reports this morning that Kyle Loveless donates $38K to himself.

Kyle Loveless has told the Cleveland County Republican Party Chairman numerous times over the past year that he just can't afford to pay the county the $1500.00 he owes. Kyle can't pay his debts but he can loan himself $38K to his own Senate campaign? The money Kyle owes the county is for his mismanagement of the Cleveland County Republican Party funds during his two years as the County Chairman. Originally Kyle was not going to disclose the last minute $20,000 campaign contribution to the public until after the election. That reminds me of the $1500.00 he owes the County, which Kyle now says he will pay the Republican Party back after the election. After questions by the media concerning where Kyle came up with the new funds, Kyle was forced to admit that he gave the money to his own campaign.

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Brock said...

I still have a hard time with the post-dated check. This debt pre-dates his running for office. In effect, he has taken an interest-free loan from the Cleveland County Republican Party without their consent. The word embezzlement comes to mind.

He has unilaterally dictated the terms of repayment, and changed those terms to suit his desires. An honorable man would have paid the debt as soon as it came to light, even if he had to borrow to do so.

This isn't a campaign contribution that would have to be reported, so keeping it under wraps until after the runoff isn't necessary.

If he will have the money the day after the election, he has it now. Election Day isn't payday around here. Most candidates spend all their funds right up to election day, and don't keep funds back for after the election except for bills that haven't come in yet - but the accrued liability is still known ahead of time.

Sometimes runoff election winners have a 'prize' waiting for them, from donors who want to see the runoff winner have resources for the general election. But the loser usually doesn't have this to look forward to - and Kyle should have no real expectation of being the winner.

I see in the morning paper that Kyle has fed another $38,000 to his campaign. I am truly disgusted by his behavior.