Friday, August 22, 2008

Loveless Ethics Problems Again

Kyle Loveless Again

Today it is being reported by local news sources that Kyle purchased $20,000 worth of T.V. ads. The interesting aspect concerning this $20,000 is that according to his latest ethics report, he only had $1500.00. And when questioned where the money to buy the ads came from, he refused to answer, saying that he isn’t required to report it until the next quarterly report. Makes me wonder if Kyle is really for transparency in government or if he intends to be another good ole boy Senator who will keep the state’s financial records hidden the same way he keeps his campaign finances hidden. Kyle needs to come clean and state where the $20,000 came from.

It is interesting that Kyle has been able to self fund $5000 for his own campaign ads earlier this summer, yet he has yet to pay back the County Republican Party the $1500 he has owed it for nearly two years. Last night at the Cleveland County GOP Executive meeting Kyle was asked when he was going to pay the County Party back the $1500.00. Kyle did not have a lot to say about the issue. Instead he let his wife Summer do most of the talking for him. Summer stated that they have been in a campaign and just have not had time to pay the county back but would the day after the election. (Can you read between the lines here)

Let’s see . . . they have to time to come up with at least $5000 of their own money for TV ads, they have had time to ask Kyle’s family members to give thousands of dollars in in-kind contributions, they had time to secure a $1000 contribution from Fount Holland, and they found time to write a postdated check that is not good until after the election. But they don’t have time to write a check that could be cashed now. I hope Kyle keeps his word on this but it would not surprise anyone if he backs out. We have learned after two years of Kyle as our County Chairman that his word does not mean much.

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